Morag Yule, a teacher to trade, now runs Cairngorm Mountain Motorhomes. Her business is based in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire and rents out its Burster Delfin motorhome to explorers and holiday makers who want to see the Scottish countryside in all its glory. 

"I've set up my own business from nothing really, I'm a teacher by trade...I don't know any of the skills needed"

How E3 Helped Cairngorm Mountain Motorhomes

E3's Aboyne hub provided Morag with a range of digital marketing and social media services which gave her the support and confidence she needed to promote her tourism business. She received free help from our experts which gave her a better understanding of her target audience and improved her marketing.Morag now plans to expand her reach and grow the business as we come into peak season. She wants to get her unique business message in front of the right people and sees a great future ahead for Cairngorm Mountain Motorhomes.



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