Here at Elevator we were proud and humbled to see our fantastic clients and E3 team on STV news in the Tay Region.  STV reported on our E3 project which is funded by the UK Government Community Renewal Fund. The project offers grants and one-to-one support for businesses and those looking to start their entrepreneurship journey. David Steyn, our Operations Manager, told STV News that we are hoping to encourage people who are underrepresented in the sector to start their own company.


He said: “We’re talking about female entrepreneurs and challenges-based groups, ethnic minority communities. We’re telling people that, although business support may be available, it’s difficult for them to seek out, there may be barriers to engage with it and we’re looking to be there in the local community to break down those barriers. The approach we’re taking is to employ local people to get into the heart of the local community. We have mobile hubs in the form of electric vans, which have an actual office in the back of the van and that enables us to take business support top the people who need it most.”


One of our amazing clients, Carol Arnott was interviewed by STV. Carol runs the company Get Set Yeti, an educational resource for children. She’s been supported to grow her business online after the pandemic stopped her going into schools. She had wonderful feedback about E3 and was able to use the STV report as a great platform to bring attention to her amazing business.


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